Friday 26 November 2010

Let it Snow....

Quietish week, snow falling as I type.

Success in getting DS to move to a Moxi 3G from her Fuse/Alera: seems to be much better with the BTE aid and is happy that the occlusion 'clicking' is gone. The fact that the face-plate had detached on the fuse and she didn't appear to be getting much usable gain from the Alera is probably only part of the story.

Found out yesterday about the efficacy of the CENS noise plugs for those wearers with tinnitus who continue to shoot. If you turn them right up, you'll still have tinnitus. I suppose it's obvious to anybody from the outside, but there you go. Plan B might involve putting a set of cans over the top, but we'll see how the user does with just setting the volume control on about a quarter. He did say though that he reckoned his hearing was about the level of an Arctic Wolf, before firing a shotgun repeatedly next to his head.

Resound Be still causing failure issues. Not all the same variety though. Some are outright sensitivity issues from ingress at the receiver port, some receiver/output problems where the circuit just seems to go to white noise then off. Some seem to be related to the mic contacts on the  battery door. They have to do something about this for the customers. It's not right that a company can make such a poor hearing aid and get away with it.

Ah well, back to salting the pavements......

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