Monday 8 November 2010

A bit later this week....

....due to our Open Days at the centre.  Cawl was well received by everybody and there was quite a  bit of interest, despite being let down at the last minute by a couple of reps.

Unitron have launched their Udirect based UTV system, which looks like a docking station for the bluetooth device. This is handy as it gives the system a fixed charging location in people's houses as well as maximising the potential from the bluetooth based TV feed.

We fitted a new Moxi 3G Latitude16  to an existing customer as an upgrade from a binaural Yuu. This seems to have gone down a treat, but he's having to wait on the delivery of the TV dock which is meant to be 10 days away. He seems to like the initial performance of the aids though and had no problem in pairing the U-direct with an I-Phone 4Gs.

Unitron were also keen to get a Tandem 16 CROS onto one of our customers who has a long standing perforation with effusion. (Mrs MT) She's due to be fitted next week to placate the her ENT specialist who is unhappy about her occluding the perf'd ear.

Fuse failures are dogging the process a little, especially since Sonova accounting doesn't seem to understand the principle of holding stock. Getting twatty about the account, when the stuff is unsaleable due to repeat return failures is just not on. Hopefully Chris/Nic. will sort this out, otherwise I'll be looking for a different supplier again.

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