Friday 19 November 2010

Colder and wiser?

Looks like the weather and the economy is still keeping people at home, though there's some movement. Other markets don't seem quite so depressed, posting on seems to be as keen as ever, with positive reviews on the Phonak Spice and the Resound Alera.

I'm still battling to get much sense out of Resound,  which is a real shame, as the Alera seems well worth the money.

Mrs T's Tandem CROS appeared to go ok at her initial fitting,  but there are a couple of motivation issues to deal with. Like any CROS fitting, the mental plasticity and attitude of the wearer push the actual technology out of the limelight. We'll see how it goes.

First fittings of the Moxi 3Gs have been a bit of a success. Wearers reporting much 'brighter' performance than the old Moxi. The Udirect/UTv link has been a bit of a success too. This is surprising as the original uptake of the Udirect was relatively poor, however, having a proper 'docking station' sitting on the TV has resulted in a place-holder which people seem to equate much better with. Issue's with the 3Gs: one is the receiver configuration, which renders my older receiver stock redundant, except for replacement units on the older Moxi. Second is the socket location, which quite frankly is poor.

I'm in the process of writing-off the Fuse as a practical option in my fitting repertoire - they simply have too many reliability issues, as well as the 'splitting' issue.

Also fitting Mr. R with a new Widex M220-19, semi-soft moulds. Existing Widex user and I didn't really want the 'fight' over changing to another brand. Should be ready to run with moulds from next week or so. We'll see how the newer Widex product stacks-up against his Senso.

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