Saturday 26 January 2013

New: Widex Dream........

The day after the launch there's a few things that have stuck in terms of what's new and what's the same.

Compass has had a full overhaul and is a cleaner looking interface with better workflow.

16- bit sampling over a 96 dB range is claimed (17-113dB)

New mic technology combined with switch mode DC to increase the voltage means that the noise floor of the mics is now at 17dB rather than 23-24dB. And the circuit doesn't sample any of this noise, which is quite clever. So, no hiss at all even if you have very low thresholds at several points and want to try an aid. The added benefit it that as you increase the voltage, you reduce the amps needed to do the job and therefore decrease the losses through heat etc. Stated battery life improvements were a fraction vague, but better.

The chip is completely new and can do xzillion more FlOps than the old one.

The audibility extender program can now be overlaid onto any existing program to improve higher frequency understanding.

The range has been widened 110-440, 3-15 channel

Apparently the feedback manager technology is the same as before though, and there's no binaural mic array. The Super range is unchanged: they do not exist on the Dream platform.

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