Friday, 23 March 2012

What has happened to Panasonic Hearing in the UK.

Just another small note, it seems like Panasonic has basically disappeared from the Hearing Aid market in the UK. Googling them just yields a couple of likes to product listed through companies like Hidden Hearing holding some legacy product from them - nothing about the new #13 battery RIC from any of the major suppliers.

It's all in stark contrast to the USA where, under the tenure of Delain Wright, they seem to have got off the ground in some way or another. I guess their presence at the AAA next week will show their intent. I'm wondering if this is a reflection of Delain's experience in both the US domestic market (and previously Europe).

So, Panasonic, if you want to start again in the UK with proper branded distribution centres - give me a call ;-)

Would the last person leaving Guilford please turn the lights out.......

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