Monday 7 November 2011

Monthly round up....(Late for October, but there you go).

Open week has pulled a few people out of the woodwork to try the Alera stock.

Positives: plenty of power and surprisingly good streamer performance.

Negatives: The power receiver design does not fit the power dome at all and the remote/bluetooth isn't as good as the Dex unit from Widex.

Lots of trials still happening so will report back as they come to a conclusion - people do seem to like the sound from the Alera range though  - which given the lack of performance from the Spice range is good. Spice+ however is just out and apparently deals with the glitches in the aids through the firmware update in Target 2. Unusual (100dB) 500hz resonances were seen by the REM machine on normal speech input, which I guess is a LF compensation built in to the prescription tool. I'm wondering if somebody got their sums wrong here as there was a peak even after the gain had been modelled through the feedback manager. The worst part was that the software didn't illustrate the level of power at all: it just looked like a flat 10-12dB gain but the output through the Avant showed more than 30dB of gain applied at the same point.

Right, more trials to sort.....

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