Wednesday 20 July 2011

Another Era....

Unitron launches it's product equivalent of the Spice platform: ERA. All seems very good indeed. Quantum platform exists on 6,12 and 20 channel levels, with much more refinement than the previous generation.

Missing though is the MicroM sized slim-tube 312 and the very successful CROS system. The slim tube version is due in Oct/Nov, probably EUHA and there was no word on the CROS version. I'm not sure that I like the software more/less than Target either, just not convinced about the top right tab to access the fitting screen. Moxi case is unchanged form the Moxi 3G as it stands - the socket connection to this is quite frankly a bit rubbish. So I'm trying a Wireless connect to get them fitted - some issues with signal dropout though.

We'll have to see how they go in the real world.

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