Friday 15 October 2010

Shooting plugs and shooting (kayak course) assessors.

After my Kayak coaching assessment on the weekend, it's nice to get back to the mundane stuff again.

Puretone have pulled their finger out of their bottoms this week, by getting some CENS II flex to us within a month of ordering - unfortunatley they look nothing like the picture in the flyers, which is what the client was expecting. They seemed to work ok though. HOWEVER - the fitting kit received with them was fantastic, big box of wipes, auragel, dessicant container and lots more goodies. As a bonus, they also throw in a free replacement acrylic speech filter module, to use should the electronic one need servicing.

Two more Unitron Fuse failures this week, another torn LHS with failed receiver and one with an inverted gore-tex mic cover, which didn't cause any problems initially, but basically killed the aid as soon as there was a smear of moisture or wax. Hopefully these issues will diminish or it looks like I'll be getting out of the crossover products when the next batch is finished. Which is an utter shame, especially when people like the concept and the sound (as in the Be), but we are being let down by the execution.

Customer issues this week have been fairly limited, some handling and insertion technique for Mrs DS with her new fuse (tip selection/feedback issue too). Nicola McMahon was on site to assist, though she can't take the battery doors off with her fingers.......

It's generally quiet here on the Manufacturer front as they are all doing their thing in EUHA. I'm really surprised that we haven't seen more activity from Resound on the Alera, but there you go.

Anyway, Phonak launch Spice range next Friday, so we'll be seeing the new Ambra product combined with the new Target software. Perhaps there's be an option for a different 'mainstay' product. Possibly a RIC from them.

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