Tuesday 28 September 2010

The difficult 2nd post.

Current clients are largely happy with the Fuse as the default proposition for mild/moderate newbies with large enough canals to accomodate it. We've lost three or four with material failure issues usually starting at the inside curve face at the joint between soft and hard materials. Other issues appear to be mic blockage, though no more than any other cic. It's a shame that unitron appear to be dropping their support for the product, but that leaves a opening for a decent replacement.

Mr. VW asked for the first Aleras today, I reckon people can deal with the BTE idea better if they are getting more functionality out of it. As long as it works better than the other Resound products, it will make sense to move in this direction. Just as long as it's not another Be..........

Mr. CD has a low freq. SN drop over two years, it's bilateral so not obvious TIA or trauma. He's off to see the GP with his results.

RIC receiver issues seem to be climbing a bit, though not dramatically possibly down to last year's volume dispensing on Moxi. However thin-tube fittings seem to be bullet proof apart from the odd bit of plastic pulling apart.


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