Monday 17 January 2011

Been a bit lazy around Christmas, but here goes 2011

Christmas cheer is well and truly gone: so gladly has the snow.

Business seems to be looking up with a variety of new tests and follow-up from December. 

Still encountering Fuse failures due to the aid splitting. Starkey have a product out called the AMP, which might fix a few. Though the sleeved design is not the smallest. On-line there has been a bit of confusion about audiograms, so I put together this basic guide.

Steve's quick no-nonsense guide to the Audiogram.

Firstly: Air conduction 
Left - Denoted with X and/or Blue
Right - with O and/or Red.

Triangles/Brackets/Right Angle corners - indicative of bone conduction levels.
A gap between these and the air conduction is indicative of conductive loss. 

Frequencies (measured in Hertz/Hz or cycles per second)

Lowest on the left, highest on the right. Each of the principal Octave values are recorded.
To make sense of this: Middle C on the piano is about 250Hz (256Hz), each level either side moves you up or down the Keyboard to the next C.

Intensity or loss. Measured in dB(hl) 0 dB is weighted average of young adult hearing, lots of kids will be better than this. 120dB is getting on for the level of a load rock concert.

Each 3dB increase is a DOUBLING of intensity - this scale is a negative log or geometric progression.

To give a few example: a Normal conversation occurs around 65dB, a whisper at about 45dB, a Shotgun 155dB. Ever wonder why Clint Eastwood is deaf? A .44 revolver 170dB.

Hopefully Clint's lawyers won't be getting in touch. 

That's all for now folks....

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