Saturday 23 October 2010

Spice-Spice Baby,

Yeah, it's here, it's good and it's expensive. There are three separate zoom functions built into the full blown Ambra product with less in the watered down V and III Audeo S Mini. The Stereozoom is a very powerful function all made possible by the paradigm shift of true binaural synchronisation. My main concern would be the difficulty of some (rich) customers being able to identify which zoom suits which situation the best. It's going to suit a button-presser, but not somebody who wants the aid to do all the work.
Is it enough to start using Phonak again? we'll see if we've got any takers on the Open week in November. Phonak are really pushing the smaller form factor too, it's all part of their plan to take over the world: no doubt. Target fitting software is now out there - seems OK - bit less messy than iPFG.

In other news, a couple of  ITE in the form of Starkey S5 for less dexterous and demading customers are in the pipe-line: one of these has already been fitted and a pair are sitting on the desk for next week. Starkey's turnaround times are shorter than it takes Widex to receive an aid in the post - sort it out Jon.

Rob Davies is pushing AIHHP membership as a credible alternative to the party-politik of BSHAA, might be worth a punt for the Hearbuy discount, but that may get soaked up on the socialising........

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